Our advanced software, vertical machining centers and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) operations offer increased productivity, flexibility and performance. Mico Industries utilizes SolidCAM’s revolutionary software to dramatically increase productivity in CNC milling which provides unmatched efficiencies and savings. This advanced software combined with our equipment and highly skilled machinists can produce exceptional components with tolerances as tight as .0005”.

Our machining capabilities can produce small or large sized components for various industries that require a high degree of precision. Primary machining capabilities include 3D milling, profiling, drilling, tapping and pocketing.

Equipment Inventory

  • Viper CNC
  • (1) Okuma CNC: MB-5000H Horizontal Machining Center
    • Rotaries and Indexers
    • Tombstones
  • (1) Okuma 560 MB Vertical Machining Center
  • (2) LeBlond Makino CNC’s
  • Integrated SolidCAM CNC Software